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Bernard Uniacke

Mr. Bernard Uniacke (B.Comm. F.C.C.A., A.I.T.I ) – Chairman – Bernard is a retired Chairman of Deloitte & Touche and former Managing Partner of the Cork Office. He is a Director of Irish International Trading Company. He was also a former Chairman of Cork & Limerick Savings Bank.


Clodagh Sheehan

Clodagh Sheehan (B.Comm; AIIPM; RPA; QFA; PTP) – Managing Director -Clodagh has over 17 years experience in managing and administering Occupational Pension Schemes. A graduate of UCC with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, Clodagh’s experience in the area of group pension scheme administration is from her time spent in the Group Pension division of New Ireland Assurance from 1999 to 2003. During her time in New Ireland, in addition to managing a significant number of pension schemes, she was also responsible for training new staff on how to administer Defined Contribution Pension Schemes. Prior to the establishment of Accuro in March 2004, Clodagh had been developing the Group Pensions business with Sheehan Financial Services.

Ted Dwyer

Mr. Ted Dwyer (CFP; Dip Fam Bus Mgt, ) – Director – Ted is an Certified Financial Planner and Fellow of the LIA. He founded City Life Ltd in 1971. Ted is a past President of the LIA and a member of the MDRT the premier worldwide association of Financial Advisors for the past 26 years. He has a Diploma in Family Business Management from UCC.

Dr. Dermot O’Mahoney

Dr. Dermot O’Mahoney (F.C.C.A., A.C.I.S., Dip A, QFA, FLIA. ) – Company Secretary – Dermot F. O’ Mahoney has been a Director of City Life Ltd. since 1985 and prior to that worked in Verolme Cork Dockyard. He is a former chairman of the Port of Cork and is a member of the Governing Body of U.C.C – being chairman of finance and investment committees. Dermot is also a member of the MDRT, the premier worldwide association of Financial Advisors.