It is a known fact that women fare worse than men when it comes to retirement provision for many reasons, including lower salaries, more gaps in their careers due to caring for children and a longer life expectancy.

This will inevitably result in an even lower fund as there is less time to contribute and less time to achieve long term investment growth.

Why is retirement advice for women important?

The main issue is that women will need a greater fund than their male partners at retirement. The life expectancy of an Irish man is now 78.7 years, while for women it is 83.2 years.

Accuro’s advice to women is to take ownership of your retirement fund. Know where you are invested, maximise your pension contributions where possible and if you don’t have a pension, take steps to set one up as soon as possible.

As a woman running her own business for the last 15 years and a mother of two children, I am ideally placed to provide retirement planning advice to women who are either self-employed or senior employees within a company.

Whether you have a scheme already in place and would like an independent review, establishing a new scheme for you and your employees, or coming close to retirement and are seeking an independent review of your retirement options, Accuro can offer you the best independent technical advice in any of these scenarios.

What is a Pension Adjustment Order?

In the case of a separation, divorce or break up of a civil partnership, by law, the court can treat a pension as an asset and can order that it be divided appropriately. This is known as a Pension Adjustment Order. Typically, one spouse may have a significant pension whilst the former partner might not have any, based on their work in the home. Trustees who administer schemes are obliged to adhere to the terms of the order. It is important for individuals to understand their entitlements and seeking the appropriate expert advice is the first step.

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